The journal

Afterward, its proprietor, Ayhan Durgun, discontinued the publication. Görmüş joined the daily Taraf, in which he chased journalists that were conscious of the diaries for not revealing them. The journal and moments of this assembly on agree. The minutes were found in the house of retired captain Muzaffer Yıldırım who, along with Tolon and Eruygur, was detained in the framework of an investigation into a conspiratorial organization named "Ergenekon". On this foundation, it has been maintained that the diaries are authentic. Later that month, Nokta printed excerpts of a journal, allegedly written by admiral Özden Örnek, a former navy commander.


Admiral Örnek himself called the journal a forgery. The Armed Forces has prevaricated with this dilemma without denying its authenticity altogether. For his role, overall Hurşit Tolon said he found no reason to object to the book of the diaries because it contained no false statements. The journal wasn't used as evidence in the 2455 page indictment.